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Our impact

Our impact

Responding in Times of Need

During Covid 19, Community 4 U stepped up to meet the needs of our local community in Roosevelt, delivering food boxes to dozens of families starting shortly after the pandemic began.

When the COVID-19 crisis began, within the first week of the shelter-in-place order, Community4U anticipated the heightened need for food and placed a notice in the local post office offering assistance. The response was swift and intense. First from the local neighborhood and then from outside communities.


April 16, 2020

The first distribution was on April 16, 2020, and consisted of 350 Passover packages, including cooked food and dry ingredients. Since then, Community4U has conducted 11 large-scale food distributions, reaching more than 75,000 unique recipients. The events are organized, overseen, and operated by the leadership of Community4U RC4U has distributed throughout the state of New Jersey to a wide and diverse group of people.

This reach has been achieved through partnerships with community-based organizations such as Bessie Green Community, United Community Corporation, and United Progress Inc, (Trenton), along with local politicians including Newark City Councilwoman LaMonica McIver and prominent leaders in the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, African-American, and Latino communities. These collaborations have been key to RC4U’s success in ensuring desirable food items reach those in need.

February 24, 2022

When the fighting in Ukraine broke out, RC4U recognized the need to source Kosher for Passover food for the Jewish community. Thanks to our relationships and understanding of the food industry, as well as the support of the Orthodox Union, we facilitated the delivery of $250,000 of food for the holiday.

We continually look to expand our network of partners and how we can best help our local community.


How You Can Help?

We continually look to expand our network of partners and how we can best help our local community and other communities in need. For inquiries about food donations, contact

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