On February 24 2022, Russia began a military invasion of Ukraine.

The invasion has created the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II, with over 3.4 million Ukrainians fleeing their country.

Thousands of Ukrainian Jews have been forced out of their home, their destination unknown, constantly on the go, relocating from refugee camp to refugee camp,

This year they won’t be able to celebrate Pesach (Passover) in the comfort of their home.

Right now, getting access to kosher food is a great challenge, and Jewish organizations don’t have the necessary room to accommodate everyone for the upcoming seder.

While many Jews have successfully fled Ukraine, many more Jews have not been able to get out,

Caught in the crossfire, with very limited access to food and basic supplies,

Getting kosher food for Pesach has become next to impossible, plus the cost of shipping anything into Ukraine has skyrocketed.

This year the Ukrainian Jews have turned to us for help, and we are determined not to let them down. 

We’ve put together a Freedom Box so as many Jewish refugees as possible, no matter whether they are still in Ukraine or not, are in transit or are staying put in a bomb shelter, on the go or in a shelter, will be able to celebrate Pesach,

Community4u has set a goal of providing 20,000 Freedom Boxes.


Each Freedom Box will contain all the kosher food that is necessary for X people over seder and the whole of Pesach.


Passover kit

Passover Food Basket

The “Seder kit” includes:

      • A seder friendly wine glass & grape juice

      • Seder plate components

      • Hebrew/Ukrainian Haggadah 

      • Seder how-to guide in Ukrainian 

      • Holiday candles

      • Shmurah Matzah

      • 4 cups

      • Plastics cutlery, plates 

      • Napkins

      • 2 Plastic tablecloths

      • Yahrzeit candle 

Pesach Meal

        • 2 Packs of meat for 4

        • Potato kugel

        • 2 Packs of fish for 4

        • 2 Pack of pesach condiments

        • 12 Boiled eggs

        • 2 Salads 

        • Lettuce

        • 2 Grape juice

Pesach food basket

              • Chocolate spread

              • Jam

              • Matza

              • 2 cookies pack

              • Kandelach

              • 2 bags of chips

              • Nuts

              • 8 tuna cans

              • Toothpaste

              • Large apple sauce

              • Fruit cans

              • Tea + coffee

              • Coffee creamer powder

              • 2 Packs of crackers

              • Mayonnaise 

This year, as we celebrate the exodus story, let us remember that our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are like coming out of Egypt and that it is up to all of us to make this a journey to freedom.

Double your celebration this year by helping a refugee family sit down to a full table

Community 4 U ships food aid to all these locations: Polan, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine.

Our help and support to Ukraine from the first day

Past preformence

Can you help us to help others? We begin the Passover seder with the Haggaddah’s words. “All who are hungry come and eat; all in need come and join the Passover ritual.” This attitude sets the tone for the seder, for Passover, and for the entire year. We as a community are responsible for one another.

The campaign is about more than fundraising it’s about what Passover asks us to remember about our Jewish Community

Your partnership in this campaign will provide for Special all-inclusive Seder kits to be made available to 10 000 Jewish families in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, and Poland.

In this difficult challenging time, your tzedakah (charity) will certainly grant you and your loved ones an extra measure of the Almighty’s protection and blessings! 

Especially as this Campaign is to help obtain our brothers and sisters urgently needed Pesach kits in time for the Holidays.

This Pesach, with your critical help, we hope to distribute even more.

Double your celebration this year by helping a refugee family sit down to a full table

You can contact us with any question regarding sponsorship promotion or any other idea that can help us to help others.

    Institution order

    If your institution are in a need for "Pesach to go" boxes you can make your order direct throw this form and we will respond promptly. This is only for refuge in the crisis are of Poland, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

      Why is this night different from all the other nights?
      That in all other nights some eat sitting and others reclining, on this night, we are all reclining.
      We wish you and your family a happy and healthy Passover