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Hurricane Ian Relief Fund

Hurricane Ian has torn through Southwest Florida, resulting in major flooding throughout central and west coast areas of the state.  More than 33,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes and more than 2.5 million were left without power – making this one of the worst disasters in US history.

Thousands of Jews are left without food or shelter for the upcoming Jewish Holidays.  They need our help. 

Community4U has secured thousands of pounds of food and disaster relief supplies.  We are currently in touch with dozens of Jewish organizations who can assist with distributing this aid where most needed and have arranged a first delivery of food to the Chabads in Tampa, Ft. Myers, Venice, and Punta Gorda.  This first shipment by truck left Saturday night, October 1st and consisted of cereals, crackers, pasta, drinks, paper goods, snacks, and more.

Please show your support and contribute to our Hurricane Ian Relief Fund to help pay for this aid to help the Jewish community for the Holidays.

According to Moshe Hezrony, Director of Community 4 U: “In the aftermath of a crisis, communities need food to sustain them – both with calories and the emotional support of knowing they are not alone.  Our organization is able to mobilize quickly to leverage donations of critical food and other goods to help.”

Working with local partners, Community 4 U is able to ensure that the items delivered meet local demand and go where needed most.  One other approach that sets the organization apart is its focus on providing kosher food for those who need in the Jewish community. 

Every dollar counts!  Please DONATE and SHARE this Link to help us raise as much money as possible to help those whose lives have been forever changed by this Hurricane.

Community4U began as a local effort in Roosevelt, NJ to support seniors and others struggling to get essential food supplies during Covid 19. First came delivery of food boxes for Passover. That was followed by weekly food deliveries to dozens of local residents who had ongoing needs. This led to partnerships with several community nonprofits and organizing large scale food distributions that served thousands of NJ residents.  The organization’s most recent priority has been shipping needed food supplies to Ukraine, an ongoing project. 

Community4U has been able to collaborate with many suppliers to source significant quantities of donated items. Rabbi Hezrony says he is eagerly looking for other partners to expand these efforts.

For more information, contact

Leah at 609-331-0986 or

To contribute to Community 4 U’s campaign, visit: